Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eaton Family Credit Union Provides Holiday Cheer

Eaton Family Credit Union offered up holiday cheer to residents of Nottingham Home in Cleveland with gifts from Santa, holiday singing and a pizza party. The event is a highlight of the holiday season for everyone.

“It is important to all of us at the credit union that we give back to the community,” said Mike Losneck, President, Eaton Family Credit Union. “Over the years we’ve developed a relationship with the guys at Nottingham, they know us and we know them. It is great to see their smiles when Santa provides a special present.”

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MSNBC: Credit unions paying for risky behavior of a few

We found an article that sheds light on the structure of the credit union industry and the need to mitigate risk.

"Credit unions paying for risky behavior of a few" from MSNBC starts, "Two years after the height of the financial crisis, the American economic landscape still bears resemblance to a war zone: You never know when you're going to step on another land mine. Case in point: The nation's credit unions, many of them tiny outposts in the realm of banking giants...If you are looking for financial villains, you won't find many in that world...But every credit union in the country finds itself paying to clean up a multibillion-dollar created by a handful of failed 'corporate' credit unions..."

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