Monday, August 15, 2011

Bank Fees vs. Our Fees

On August 15, 2011 The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article by Teresa Dixon Murray titled, "Fees Rise At Cleveland-area Banks."
The article states, "A year after having a cap put on their overdraft charges, banks look toward other fees to make up the difference."
Click here to read the entire article.
First of all, Eaton Family Credit Union does not charge to take in rolled coin. We do ask our owner/members to let us know if they're bringing in a whole bunch. Secondly, there is a 2% fee to deposit loose coin at our Euclid office and other fees for cash or for non-members. Lastly, regarding fees, click here for our complete fee schedule (also listed under Disclosures on our website).
Here are our fees for the information in the PD chart
  • Overdraft = $25
  • Cashier's Check = $2
  • Other bank's ATM = $0 for the first 8 transactions with $1,000 savings or direct deposit then $2 per transaction thereafter
  • Stop Payment = $25
  • Wire Transfer = $17
  • Lost ATM Card = $0 for the first then $15 thereafter
  • Returned Deposit = $15